Welborn Ferrene


  1. Editorial
    I edit through my post production company Game Face Entertainment Inc. I am a creative, a lead editor, and a finisher. I can produce and cut reality, scripted, trailers, teases and anything needed within the format of a show or presentation.
  2. Development
    Since I am particularly good with music and cutting short form, creatively dynamic trailers and teases, I operate as a hired gun producing and cutting sizzles, sales presentations, promos and trailers. I am very successful at selling shows and have a skill set that is highly sought after for TV and film development, promotion and marketing.
  3. Producing
    Game Face Entertainment Inc. is a turn key production company offering services in all areas of production. Game Face can provide in house production and post services and has the ability to grow and shrink depending on the size and scope of the projects it is involved with. From concept to completion we can handle every step of the process. Game Face also handles content and strategy creation as well as marketing and advertising for the web, mobile, and multimedia applications .
  1. Managing Director