Welborn Ferrene




I arrived in Los Angeles in 1993 after graduating the University of Evansville with a BFA in Theater Perfomance. As a member of the award winning Actor's Co-Op, located in the heart of Hollywood, I performed in numerous award winning shows like 1940's Radio Hour, She Loves Me, and Voice Of The Prarie. As an active member of the Screen Actors Guild I performed in TV shows like Family Matters, General Hospital, Port Charles and the USC Grad short film "Love In The Ruins" Directed by Scott Derrickson. 
In 1998 I married my wife Rebecca. Realizing that I needed to make a steady income I began to transition out of acting into post production. I assisted Special Effects Supervisor Greg Nelson. Learnig 3D animating and modeling using Light Wave. After a year in 3D I discovered AVID. In November of 1999, Rick Roberts gave me my first editing assisting job on the show "Blind Date." Rick tutored and mentored me in all aspects of editorial, cutting segments, teasesand finishing shows. He also challenged me with a few lower budget side projects. In 2001 after a year assisting Rick, he recommended me for my first paid editing job, a one night gig on "National Enquirer Uncovered." After that one night Chris Pullis the Post Producer hired me full time and I have been editing non-stop ever since.



Six weeks after I started editing my son Luke was born. Five years after that my daughter Tema. We moved to Pacific Palisades in 2001 and remain there to this day.
I have been working in the entertainment industry for over 24 years and in post production for 18 years. During my time in editorial I have cut all kinds of projects. I am especially adept at cutting to music and integrating effects into my work. As a result I have become known as an all round editor cutting not only long format story but also marketing pieces like trailers, promos and sales presentations. I have also written and produced for Reality shows as well as provided voice over acting for shows on SyFy and MTV Networks. Currently I continue to edit, develop and produce shows for all the Cable and Boroadcast networks.

As far as the future? Well I am looking forward to all the new creative and exciting doors that will open.